It is a total relief to leave Candace in charge of my houseful of pets when I travel …I worry not one bit. She has a way with all animals and is extremely responsible.
-Sally R

Candace is a responsible, caring pet sitter. She is flexible and can handle my entire household of animals with no problems (dogs, cats, fish, puppies). I would recommend her for your pet/house sitting needs. She is incredibly thoughtful and really takes care of the animals in her charge.
-Elena P

I was one of Candace’s first customers and she is really dedicated to providing her customers with the best service possible. The morning of the earthquake, immediately after, she along with the help of my neighbors, went through my house filled with shattered glass, retrieved my three dogs plus my cat, crated them and took them to safety. I was in the hospital and could do nothing. She is a treasure!
-Leslie G